30 Minute Phone Consultation: No Charge

I offer a complimentary phone appointment to discuss current challenges your child is having and to determine if coaching will be a viable option. In the conversation we will discuss desired outcomes and options for success.

Coaching Packages

  • 2 Sessions:  $180.00
  • 3 Sessions:  $250.00
  • 4 Sessions:  $300.00

All Coaching Packages Include:

  • 60 minute in-home coaching per session
  • All materials for any needed strategies such as posters, binders or other tools or supports we design together
  • Written coaching summary and success plan at completion of coaching services

Observation:  $125.00

Through a professional observation you can obtain powerful information and insights that can assist you and the people working with your child to understand your child’s struggles and strengths in a new light. I will then provide recommendations for dealing with challenging situations in new and effective ways.

This service includes:

  • One hour observation in setting of your choice: daycare, school, extracurricular activity, family activity in the community
  • Written summary and recommendations
  • 30 minute debrief with parents and other involved adults, such as teachers, coaches or day care providers

Meeting Attendance:  $125.00

Often it can be helpful to have a professional outside the education institution attend meetings, such as school conferences, IEP or 504 meetings. An outside observer can  bring a different perspective and assist parents in understanding the process.

This service includes:

  • Meeting attendance
  • Written summary and recommendations
  • 30 minute debrief with parents