A Note From Ms. Mollie

Does Your Child...

  • Get easily frustrated over seemingly small situations?
  • “Melt-down”, “tantrum” or “shut down” over home, social or school related situations?
  • Have fears or anxiety that get in the way of daily life?
  • Engage in power struggles over home or school responsibilities?
  • Have difficulty organizing materials and keeping up with assignments?
  • Have difficulty with routines and expectations?
  • Feel like they are not smart or good enough?
  • Get easily overwhelmed by tasks and goals?
  • Complain about going, or refusing, to go to school?
  • Have difficulty making friends or interacting with peers?

Any one of these situations is frustrating at best, and often very painful for both parent and child.  My approach to working with you and your child gives you both tools that will allow your child to handle situations in positive and constructive ways that make them feel empowered and restores family peace. 

I created this practice because there is a shortage of options for families looking for viable solutions to their children’s challenges. In-home child and family coaching makes a rapid and lasting difference for kids. 

Child and Family Coaching may be just what you are looking for.